vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Express Your Love

Contando um pouco da minha aventura com o Express your Love. Vou escrever em inglês, se alguém quiser uma versão em português comenta que eu traduzo.

Je raconte mon aventure avec Express your Love, je vais écrire en Anglais, si quelqu'un veut une traduction il suffit de demander dans les commentaires.

This is my first try at free motion quilting and I'm really enjoying doing it. I do not regreat my decision to learn on-the-go, mistakes have happened but I made a deal with myself before starting it that I would just embrace these mistakes and they would be there in the future to remember me of my progress.

Express your love

I have learned quite a few things:
  1.  First of all, as in golf, doubt is disastrous! If I'm not really sure where I am going it is better to stop. Easier said than done... The majority of my bad mistakes were caused by not being so sure of what I would do and attempting to do it anyway.
  2. I have noticed that the position of the foot pedal  makes a huge difference for me, if it is too close to my body it is very difficult to find a comfortable speed to quilt.
  3. I like building up thread, but I have to watch out not to get to the thread breaking point too fast.
  4. Curves are hard. I really have to mark them well to be able to know where to go otherwise I am back to point #1
The sun rays were done quite fast (for me), the mussels design is not perfect but I really liked the texture it produced. I also loved the Foundation Puzzle, it was so good to do it, it is relaxing.

I had trouble chosing a design for the sun. After two days of search I decided to try to sketch something and the result pleased me. I draw carefully and clearly with chalk and went for it. This is my favourite part of this quilt so far.

Express your love

Some more time was necessary to chose what to do with the breath spaces. I draw them in paper and sketched in real size to try to find a desing I liked.

I really had trouble with the tip of the smaller breath space. It did not match my sketch and this I think is because my marks were to light and I did not manage to stitch on top of them properly :-(  My pencil produces a line to bold I guess, so I tried a new method and the results were better on the lower part of it.

Express your love  Express your love

I have finished the second breath space but now I need a break from this quilt, next week I will probably only try to draw something for the other breath spaces. I also have to decide the hair color, my original plan was black, but I'm not very sure about this choice, a green that matches the background might look better, I will decide this later...

This is how she is looking so far:

Express your love

Linking with Leah's at the Free Motion Quilting Projetct.

9 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

I love this version of Express Your Love! It's bright, and the stitching is really wonderful.

Perhaps consider a rich or light brown for her hair? Partially, the choice may depend on how "realistic" or abstract you want her to be.

I look forward to seeing more of this piece. Great!!

Anonyme a dit…

I love this. I did EYL on black. Now I totally want to do it on white!

Karin a dit…

That looks well done. Your quilting looks very nice. Yes, I also like the white

Klaudia a dit…

That Looks beautiful!

♥ღ♥ -licher Gruß
Klaudia (Germany)

Teresa a dit…

Absolutely beautiful! I can't believe you're just learning. Your stitches look amazing! By the way, do you live in France? My son will be arriving in Paris in October and will be staying for two years as a volunteer missionary for our church.

Esther F. a dit…

I love the orange part! It just shines like the sun!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

Gwyned Trefethen a dit…

Fabulous choice of thread colors. Nothing like a complementary color scheme to make your quilt sing. I also love the way you have different densities of design. Are you sure you are just learn? You are quilting like a professional!

serialscrapper a dit…

Teresa, I live in the Bahamas now but I used to live in Luxembourg, where I had many French speaking friends. The Portuguese on the blog is my mother tongue, I'm from Brazil.

Thanks everybody for the compliments, it is very motivating!

ratama a dit…

Your EYL is beautiful!